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Public Citizen Litigation Group, founded in 1972, is the litigating arm of Public Citizen. A public interest law firm litigating cases at all levels of the federal and state judiciaries, we specialize in issues involving consumer health and safety, consumer financial protection, access-to-courts issues such as forced arbitration and class-action standards, government transparency, and the First Amendment. We have a substantial Supreme Court practice, having argued 64 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and filed briefs in hundreds of other cases. In addition, since 1990, we have assisted numerous attorneys with cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, particularly at the petition-stage, through our Supreme Court Assistance Project.

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Important Note: Due to the high number of phone calls we receive, the Litigation Group does not answer legal questions or consider new cases over the phone.

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Our Staff

Allison Zieve


Allison Zieve is an expert in administrative law, public health litigation, open government law, federal preemption, class action standards, and the First Amendment.

Michael Kirkpatrick


Michael T. Kirkpatrick's practice areas include constitutional law, civil rights, class actions, administrative law, and open government.

Paul Alan Levy


Paul Alan Levy is an expert in issues of Internet free speech, removal jurisdiction, and the representation of lawyers in trouble; from sanctions, contempt findings and the like.

Adam Pulver


Adam Pulver litigates a range of cases involving administrative law, consumer rights, civil rights, labor and employment law, and constitutional law. He also regularly conducts trainings and provides guidance to other lawyers working on these issues.

Nandan Joshi


Nandan Joshi's practice areas include consumer law; access to justice; administrative law; and communications, Internet and technology law.

Wendy Liu


Wendy Liu is an attorney at Public Citizen Litigation Group, where her practice areas include open government, consumer law, and access to courts. 

Scott Nelson


Scott Nelson is an expert in issues of access to presidential records, Freedom of Information Act cases, campaign finance law, administrative law, OSHA standards, class action lawsuits, and practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.