Charitable Gift Annuities

Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity

If you would like to make a gift to the Public Citizen Foundation, and receive guaranteed income for life, you may be interested in establishing a charitable gift annuity. The minimum gift required to open an annuity is $10,000 and you must be 65 years or older.

Sample Interest Rates
(Based on $10,000)

Age Annuity Rate Annual Payment
65 5.1% $510
70 5.6% $560
75 6.2% $620
80 7.3% $730
85 8.3% $830
90+ 9.5% $950

For a confidential sample annuity illustration, please contact Amanda.

For more information, call Amanda Fleming.





Amanda Fleming
Director of Major Gifts
and Planned Giving

Purchasing charitable gift annuities is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We get an excellent guaranteed rate of return for life (partially tax free) and an immediate tax deduction. Not only do we help sustain Public Citizen for decades to come, we appropriately diversity our investment portfolio and fulfill our charitable intent. It is a win in so many ways that it is practically a no-brainer. Robert Spiegelman, Member, Concord, New Hampshire