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You guessed it… more about the oil spill.

Air spill

Forgive us, but as oil continues to spill into the Gulf, we’ll continue to blog about it. (How’s that for a clean-up incentive?)

A couple of graphics that were just too good to not share:

The Times-Picayune posted this animated graphic that lets you see how the spill geyser (good one, Joe!) has morphed and grown each day, using actual overflight information from NOAA.

Then the Huffington Post broke a huge story about another spill. At a wind farm! Luckily, no threats have been reported as of yet, but nearby residents have been enjoying the breeze.

Okay, fine. This is a joke. But doesn’t this sound worlds better than the alternative? Let’s invest in clean energy instead of expanding offshore drilling. Kthanks.