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Which world does the EPA live on?

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency released its full notice denying California a waiver under the Clean Air Act to set greenhouse gas emissions standards for motor vehicles. This decision flies in the face of recommendations made to EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson by his own staff. The EPA’s notice defies logic.

In denying California the right to set more protective standards than the non-existent federal standards, the EPA reasons that the devastating effects of greenhouse gases that California is experiencing are no different than what the rest of the world faces. But, of course, if California were allowed to take the lead, a number of other states would follow suit.

This is a gross failure on the part of EPA to respond aggressively to a huge environmental crisis that is sparking action across the globe. The agency has failed to protect the public and now it is blocking states that are trying to do more.

John Crawley of Reuters writes about the decision in his story, “California emissions waiver formally blocked.”