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Third time is the charm?

When a court first struck down a federal rule allowing truckers to drive ridiculous hours without taking a break , we and other safety groups figured the government would make some changes. After all, driving 11 straight hours or working 98 hours over eight consecutive days will make anyone tired. Further, having really tired drivers behind the wheels of huge rigs is downright dangerous for everyone on the road.

But the government didn’t budge. Instead, it issued essentially the same rule again. So we went back to court. Again, the court rejected the rule. However, this is the administration known for letting politics trump science, so it should have come as no surprise that the government re-issued the rule a third time, again with virtually no changes.

So we’re challenging it again, along with Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Truck Safety Coalition and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Let’s hope the third time is the charm.