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The Midmorning Refill: Public Citizen demands an end to deadlocked democracy

Partisan deadlocks have been plaguing the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) for the last few years and Public Citizen is joining others in calling on Obama to lead the fight to bring an end to the notorious paper tiger’s ways.  In a letter sent today to the White House Public Citizen said,

As nearly all FEC commissioners are about to exceed their statutory terms, the time is long overdue for the Obama administration to give due diligence to the agency that is supposed to enforce our campaign finance laws. The president must appoint new commissioners who will pursue their regulatory duties responsibly and professionally . . .

In a post on Talking Points Memo today blogger Susan Crabtree wrote of the FEC,

. . . in January the press was full of stories on the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United case, which opened the spigot on the use of unlimited corporate and union cash in federal elections. The FEC marked the anniversary with a 3-3 partisan deadlock over proposed rules to revamp campaign finance laws in light of the Citizens United opinion.

Read the letter Public Citizen sent to the White House on the FECCheck out the Talking Points Memo blog for more information about the deadlocked state of the FEC.  Also, be sure to stay tuned and check out the March premier of “The Story of Citizens United” . Or, better yet– host a house party!