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Pledge to protest: Don't let corporate cash roll over your rights


Are you fired up yet? Check out the video we made to learn what could happen if the Supreme Court decides to allow unlimited corporate money in politics.

Seriously? Yes, it’s true. All the progress we want to make on issues that are so important — climate change legislation, health care reform, consumer protections, EVERYTHING! — could be rolled by corporate interests.

To CEOs, reforms that look like progress to you look like roadblocks to profit. Pledge to protest this outrage and share our video with five friends.

Spread the word! We need to make it loud and clear that citizens are strongly opposed to increasing corporate power in politics. We’ve got to show we’ll fight them every step of the way!

So, please share our video and consider making one of your own. We’ll share the best videos and pictures of your protests. Send them to action@citizen.org.

We can’t do this work without you. Thank you for all you do!