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"Don’t Get Rolled" is up and rolling!

Activists far and wide are responding to our Pledge to Protest petition, pledging to take to the street to show their anger that the Supreme Court could on Sept. 9 allow unlimited corporate spending in elections.

Clearly, this is not the right direction for our nation. Don’t corporations have too much power already?

Corporate influence on politics should be eliminated, not increased. But the Supreme Court could change the law, allowing giant, multinational corporations to buy our politicians outright. Read our backgrounder here to learn more about the case. Here’s a sample:

Already, corporate interests have clout. Consider that the insurance and drug industries have been at the table since the beginning of the health care reform debate, successfully whittling away at congressional proposals and ensuring that reforms do not eat into their profits. Witness, too, the strength of the fossil fuel industry in climate change legislation; the current legislation is now a shell of President Obama’s original proposal, giving polluters emissions credits for free and shrinking the percentage of power that utilities must obtain from renewable energy.

Now imagine if corporations had even more sway. The public would be further shut out of its own government.

Want to get in on the action? Check out the pledged street actions below, and go to our Street Action Page to find one near you. Pledge to Protest and send a message to action@citizen.org to let us know your street action plans.

Here are just a few of your pledged street actions:

Washington, D.C.: September 9 would have been my mother’s 105th birthday–I hope to celebrate by marching in front of Supreme Court with a banner holding on to our century-old campaign finance doctrine…

Austin, TX: I won’t get rolled, I’ll get roiled. In public, somewhere in Austin,TX. And I’ll shout “Yes we can!”.

Durham NC “Duke Street protest site near Brighleaf across from Alvias.

Port Washington, WI: I will contact a small local group to get together to protest with signs. I will write a letter to our town paper.

St. Augustine, FL: I will not buy so much as a bottle of water on this day. I will use as little electricity and water as possible. I will make a point of discussing and emailing on this topic with as many people as I can. I will not pay any bills on this day. If there are any local Demonstrations I will join them.

Bozeman, MT: I will show up in any protest with signs, in my area and continue to do it. I will write and call my representatives, write letters to editor.

Naperville, IL: I’ll attend the closest rally to Naperville, IL.

Boise, ID: I’m open to ideas – but i will definitely call my representatives and write the white house. I would gladly join a protest if there was one in Boise idaho. And i absolutely support 3rd party candidates.

Sandfly, GA: I’m planning on a protest in Justice Thomas’ hometown of Sandfly GA.

Radnor, PA: occupations and sit-ins within corporate-financed candidates’ campaign offices

 Sign our Pledge to Protest petition today! And if you use Twitter or Facebook, re-tweet and update your status to read: RT @Public_Citizen: Say no to unlimited corporate $$$ in #politics! Sign the petition & pledge to protest Sept 9 on www.DontGetRolled.org.