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Hayward has "His Life Back"

According to the New York Daily news, BP CEO Tony Hayward canceled his plans to speak in London at the World National Oil Companies Congress meeting on Tuesday. However BP refuses to say where he really is.  A BP spokesperson said Hayward was too busy with his “very heavy schedule of commitments” relating to the oil covered Gulf coast.

However Hayward is not on the Gulf Coast, and was just seen this weekend taking a day off to see his 52-foot yacht compete in a race off England’s shore. A BP spokesperson claimed that Hayward just wanted “to spend a day with his family.” However people, especially Gulf Coast residents, are starting to get furious with Hayward’s lackadaisical response in recent days to the disaster.

A few days ago, representatives from BP stated Tony Hayward has “been relieved of his duties day-to-day relating to the spill,” and managing director Robert Dudley has taken over Hayward’s role in responding to the disaster.

After all this, looks like Hayward is finally “getting his life back.” Too bad it will be years before the people and animals in the Gulf get their lives back.