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BP tries another rebrand — as "safe and reliable"

Is BP really trying to downplay its safety record now? The oil giant’s memory seems to be a little foggy — perhaps too much crude clouding the picture?

HuffPost just ran a story about BP defending its safety record, claiming that most of its violations centered around one major accident in 2005. For one, that’s not really anything to brag about. Secondly, it’s not even true!

The Center for Public Integrity released data that showed that BP was responsible 97 percent of all flagrant violations reported in the refining industry over the past three years. Three. Not five. Sorry, BP.

And in case you forgot even more of the details of BP’s atrocious safety and environmental records, this will refresh your memory. In just the last few years, BP has pled guilty to two crimes and paid over $730 million in fines and settlements to the US government, state governments and civil lawsuit judgments for environmental crimes, willful neglect of worker safety rules and penalties for manipulating energy markets.

“Safe and reliable?” Try again. Everyone else, try getting Beyond BP.