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WANTED: Progress in the Gulf

Jeez. Still no good news when it comes to cleaning up the oil spill that started more than a month ago. Oil is still gushing into the water, the industry’s plans to top the geyser keep failing, the government still has not intervened and no entity has accepted responsibility for the environmental catastrophe. And as we wait, birds are covered in oil. Crabs are covered in oil. Marshes are covered in oil. Sea turtles are washing ashore, dead. Jellyfish, too. You get it. It’s bad.

But in case you’re a visual learner, these images will leave you horrified and searching for a way to help.

What’s Public Citizen doing in response? Using the power of the purse. We are boycotting BP, the company that leased the rig responsible for the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf every day. Our petition page already has more than 12,500 signatures (add yours now!), our Facebook page has nearly 3,500 fans (join that, too!) and media outlets keep our phones ringing off the hook, wanting more information on this devastating spill. Help us reach our goal of a million supporters!

The Washington Post ran a piece today highlighting our boycott. In it, some people talked about ignoring the boycott for the sheer convenience of going to BP stations. They’ll never learn! Join our efforts and show them what it means to affect change.

Our sister blog has a post about another Washington Post story revealing that some environmental groups take money from oil companies, including BP. (Public Citizen is not among them; we take no corporate or government money.)

And in case we’ve depressed you too much, a little something to give you a laugh, courtesy of Politico.