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Groups Thank Colombia’s Government for Declaring Dolutegravir of Public Interest

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Dr. Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo Martinez
Health and Social Protection Minister
Republic of Colombia

Dr. Germán Umaña Mendoz
Trade, Industry and Tourism Minister
Republic of Colombia

Dr. María del Socorro Pimienta Corbacho
Industry and Commerce Superintendent
Republic of Colombia

November 20, 2023

Dear Doctors Jaramillo Martinez, Umaña Mendoz and Pimienta Corbacho,

We are representatives of global organizations, as well as intellectual property and public health experts, activists, lawyers, and academics working to make medicines available to those who need them. We write to thank you and the Government of Colombia for issuing a Declaration of Public Interest for dolutegravir and for instructing Colombia’s Patent Office to issue a compulsory license (or make government use of patents) for this life-saving HIV drug. In allowing Colombia to purchase or manufacture generic versions of dolutegravir your landmark decision will reduce the drug’s purchase cost by as much as 80% and save many lives. Your courageous leadership sends a powerful message across Latin America and the world that people’s lives should take precedence over corporate profits and that Colombia stands for health justice.

We value the deliberate and transparent process that led to the Declaration of Public Interest, which involved reviewing 1,500 pages of public comments, including from UNAIDS and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO). We urge Colombia’s Patent Office to issue the compulsory license as soon as it receives the formal instruction to do so. With the completion of this last step, the Colombian health system will save $45 million in 2023 alone, as the Ministry of Health will immediately be able to purchase generic dolutegravir through the PAHO Strategic Fund and treat 28 patients for the same cost that it currently pays to treat just one.

Colombia’s right to issue compulsory patent licenses to promote the public interest, particularly the right to health, including access to affordable medicines, is supported by international law and policy. Issuing a mandatory license for dolutegravir is entirely consistent with the terms of Colombia’s trade and investment agreements. Colombia’s treaty with the United States, for example, expressly incorporates public health safeguards into the US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement and preserves Colombia’s right to license patented inventions.

We congratulate the Government of Colombia for your global leadership in ongoing efforts to increase access to affordable medicines. Compulsory licensing remains critical for ensuring access to medicines and health services for all, while also protecting the financial stability of health systems and balancing intellectual property rights with the right to health and life.

We acknowledge your Ministries’ hard work and dedication. As timely access to medicines is vital for the wellbeing of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), we stress the need to swiftly finalize the licensing process. This will not only benefit the affected population directly, but also underscore the Government of Colombia’s unwavering commitment to the rights of PLWHA and all people. 




Public Citizen

People’s Vaccine Alliance

ABIA – Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association

Access to Medicines Ireland

Acción Internacional para la Salud

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Aportes para el Desarrollo Humano

Asociación civil Red Nacional de Personas que Viven con VIH y SIDA en Bolivia con la sigla REDBOL

Asociacion Civil Vivo en Positivo – Bolivia – Cochabamba

Asociación Cuenta Conmigo, Costa Rica

Asociación MVVS “Santa Micaela”

Association For Promotion Sustainable Development


Cancer Alliance, South Africa


Child Way Uganda


Colectivo TLGB Bolivia


Corporación Casa de Amigos Con Alcance Mundial

Corresponsales Clave


Disability People’s Forum Uganda


Frontline AIDS

Fundación acción positiva por la vida

Fundacion Huesped, Argentina

Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association FHRRDA 

FUNDASIDARTA (Fundación Sida Región Táchira)


GHP Corp.

Global Fund Advocates Network 

Global Justice Now

Good Health Community Programmes 

Grupo VIhDA Puebla

Health GAP (Global Access Project) 

Health Justice Initiative – South Africa 

Health Poverty Action

Hope for Future Generations 


Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh (IACIB) 




Jóvenes cambiando vhidas

Juntos por la Vida

Just Treatment

Kamukunji Paralegal Trust (KAPLET) 

Kamukunji Paralegal Trust (KAPLET) Kenya 


Makaoteng Children, Youth and Women Development Centre 

Medical IMPACT

Misión Salud

Movimiento de Mujeres Positivas (MM+)

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) 

NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

NGO Diversa Patagonia

Oxfam International

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum


Public Services International 




Redbol Bolivia

Salud por Derecho

Sinatsisa Lubombo Women Empowerment 




Third World Network

Treatment Action Group


Wote Youth Development Projects CBO 

Young Health Advocates Ghana


Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS); Co-Chair, People’s Vaccine Alliance

Do Dang Dong, Chairman of Vietnam Network of People living with HIV (VNP+)

Dr. Mohga Kamal-Yanni, MPhil, People’s Vaccine Alliance

K M Goakumar, Legal Advisor, TWN

Wim Vandevelde, GNP+

Juan Carlos Rejas Rivero, Founder, Asuncami

Rosa Trigo Acuña, Activista, Juntos por la Vida

Oscar Lanza V, FUNAVI – CODEDCO Bolivia, Emeritus professor – School of Medicine – Universidad Mayor San Andres UMSA – La Paz (Bolivia)

Alejandro Goyret/MD, Prof. Agdo, DURG-LA Member

Reshma Ramachandran, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Richard Stern, Independent

Dr. Roman Vega Romero, People’s Health Movement

Javier Pablo Anamaria, Alternate Representative ITPC LATCA, Perú

Claudia Vaca, Profesora Asociada, Centro de Pensamiento “Medicamentos, Información y Poder”, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Kurt Frieder, Presidente, Fundacion Huesped, Argentina

Margaret Lance, Women In Action Global