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The Washington Post quotes Zain Rizvi on the global Moderna vaccine rollout

By Emily Rauhala

“Moderna, meanwhile, is selling the vast majority of its early doses to high-income buyers, including the United States, the European Union and Canada, where immunization campaigns are already underway.”

“It is also working with the Philippines, a lower-middle-income country, and with upper-middle-income countries such as Colombia and potentially Mexico, according to tracking by researchers at Duke University and Airfinity, a research firm. But because those countries are further back in line, it may take time for their doses to arrive.

“Advocates for global health are frustrated by the disparities.”

“’It is being rolled out in rich countries even though an institution committed to equitable access funded it — it’s outrageous, it’s tragic,’ said Zain Rizvi, an expert on access to medicine at Public Citizen, a watchdog group.”

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