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Public Citizen Denounces Gov. Abbott’s Attempt to Derail Biden Climate Plan

Austin, TX – Today Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state agencies to thwart President Biden’s plans to encourage more clean energy production, slash pollution and confront the climate crisis. The governor ordered state agencies to take legal action and “any other means of preventing federal overreach within the law” to stall Biden’s visionary energy agenda. Adrian Shelley, director of Public Citizen’s Texas office, issued the following statement:

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising that Gov. Abbott’s outdated vision for Texas doesn’t include success in a clean energy future. Abbott’s predecessor, Gov. Rick Perry, led Texas to become the nation’s top wind producing state.

As the attorney general under the Perry administration, Abbott led a revolt against the federal government, filing one unsuccessful lawsuit after another against the EPA. These lawsuits cost Texans $2.5 million. Texas shouldn’t be forced to revisit that failed era.

Abbott should be ashamed of himself for throwing roadblocks in front of the new president’s plan. Instead of threatening to fire employees who don’t comply with his misguided directive, he should urge state agencies to embrace innovation and the progress that comes with it.”