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Are you ready to protest?

SCOTUS blog is reporting there will be Supreme Court decisions issued Tues., Jan 12 or Wed., Jan 13. This means either of these days could be decision day for Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Make sure you’ve signed our Pledge to Protest at DontGetRolled.org so we can keep you in the loop if a bad decision comes down.

And if the decision is bad, Public Citizen is planning to fight for big, bold solutions to keep corporate power in check. On decision day, go to DontGetRolled.org for details.

Finally, if it’s bad, we need activists like you to get out there and protest (there were some great protests on Sept. 9, the day of the hearing). You can protest by taking to the streets, video blogging, writing your local paper, or anything else to show you oppose the idea of more corporate money in our elections.

If you would like any help organizing a protest, send us a message to action (at) citizen (dot) org.