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Groups Applaud Dallas for Choosing Experienced Climate and Environmental Planner

Public Citizen * 350Dallas * Dallas Sierra Club * Texas Campaign for the Environment * Positive Breathing * Green Careers Dallas * Climate Reality Project DFW

Jan. 23, 2019

Groups Applaud Dallas for Choosing Experienced Climate and Environmental Planner

Public Interest Groups Applaud City for Advancing Critically Needed Climate Planning Process

DALLAS – Public interest groups applaud the Dallas City Council’s unanimous approval today of AECOM to develop the city’s first climate and environmental plan to combat the local effects of climate change.

“Today’s vote marks the beginning of the climate planning process for Dallas to reduce its carbon footprint,” said Rita Beving, who coordinates North Texas issues for Public Citizen. “The city has been 100 percent with the public on this project. We welcome AECOM as an experienced consultant to help us kick off this planning process and we look forward to partnering with the city on this project.”

AECOM has given assistance in climate and sustainability planning to other cities including Mexico City and Los Angeles.

“We are committed to ensuring that Dallas is an environmental and climate leader,” said James McGuire, director of the city’s Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability (OEQS). “Through today’s commitment by our City Council, we are now charting a course toward rapid and decisive action. We look forward to working with the community and stakeholders on a plan that will result in continued emissions reductions and other benefits to the environment and our health.”

Groups that have participated in securing funding for the climate and environmental plan include Public Citizen, 350Dallas, Dallas Sierra Club, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Positive Breathing, Green Careers Dallas and Climate Reality Project DFW. Also involved are representatives from the Climate Action Team of the First Unitarian Church. The groups will remain involved in the creation of the plan.

“Climate planning offers many different avenues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including electrifying transportation, investing in green energy, retiring fossil fuel generation, securing commitments from industrial emitters and promoting energy efficiency,” Adrian Shelley, director of Public Citizen’s Texas office. “We are hopeful that Dallas will find opportunity in each of these areas.”

“Now the work begins,” said Susan Alvarez, assistant director of OEQS. “We look for the planning process to start next month in February and our aim is to have a plan for the Council to review sometime in the spring of 2020.”