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Dorry's Daily Digest for Sept. 2

A daily look at news from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal that caught our eye:


Maker of Botox Settles Inquiry by Natasha Singer (NYT)

Study Sees Heart Risk in Meridia Diet Pill  (NYT)

Botox maker settles case for $600 million (WP)

Botox Allegations Settled with U.S. for $600 Million (WJS)

Financial Reform

The Real Say on Pay [NYT]

Financial Crisis Panel Lends Sympathetic Ear to Lehman’s Ex-Chief by Sewal Chan (NYT)

Stimulus Averted Depression, Romer Says (NYT)

Bernanke: Regulators fell short (WP)

Warren fuels speculation by dropping class (WP)

Departing Obama adviser urges more stimulus (WP)

U.S. auto sales hit a deep ditch (WP)

Lehman was forced into bankruptcy by regulators, former CEO testifies (WP)

SEC Probes Canceled Trades (WSJ)

Agency Targets Stoppages Due to Off-Exchange Trades (WSJ)

Clashing Testimony Over Lehman Bankruptcy (WSJ)

Toxic Debt Returns to Fashion  (WSJ)


FCC Seeks More Input on Wireless Internet Rules (NYT)


Maryland Sen. Currie indicted on charges of bribery (WP)

The FEC answers a nagging question — sort of (WP)