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Dorry's Daily Digest for Aug. 30

A daily look at news from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal that caught our eye:

Energy and Environment
  • Renewed Battle Against Nuclear Energy (WP)
  • Risk-Taking Rises to New Levels As Oil Rigs in Gulf Drill Deeper (NYT)
  • With Neighbors Unaware Toxic Spill at a BP Plant (NYT)
  • Mr. Feinberg and the Gulf Settlement (NYT)
  • Oil Strategies Emerge at Oil Hearings (WSJ)
  • Drilling Rules Shake-Up Puts New Regulator in Spotlight (WSJ)
  • The Fuel Boys of Summer: Crude Oil and Natural Gas (WSJ)
Internet Privacy
Financial Reform
  • Street May Accelerate Bonus Pay (WSJ)
  • J&J Chief Tends Corporate Wounds (WSJ)
Government Accountability
  • Report Details Loss of Millions of Bush Administration Emails (WP)
  • Plavix Rival Gains From Studies (WSJ)
  • Sanofi Unveils Genzyme ‘Bear Hug’ (WSJ)
  • Cash-Poor Governments Ditching Public Hospitals (WSJ)
  • First Tests for Stem Cell Therapy are Near (WP)