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Tracker: State Legislation on Deepfakes in Elections

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) poses a myriad of serious threats to our democracy, from supercharging disinformation to making it easier to manipulate voters. One very acute concern shared by both parties is A.I. generated deepfakes in election communications. Deepfakes are A.I.-generated images, audio, or video depicting a candidate saying or doing things they never did to damage that candidate’s reputation and deceive voters. 

Without regulation, deepfakes are likely to further confuse voters and undermine confidence in elections. A deepfake video could be released days or hours before an election with no time to debunk it – misleading voters and altering the outcome of the election.

State legislatures across the country are starting to pass urgently needed legislation to regulate deepfakes in elections, usually with bipartisan backing. So far, this legislation has received bipartisan support in every state where it has passed. The table below illustrates where states have passed or are in the process of debating legislation to regulate deepfakes in elections.

AlabamaHB 172Enacted May 2024
AlaskaHB 358Passed House May 2024, Failed May 2024
AlaskaSB 177Failed May 2024
AlaskaHB 306Failed May 2024
ArizonaSB 1515Introduced Jan. 2024
ArizonaHB 2394Enacted May 2024
ArizonaSB 1359Enacted May 2024
CaliforniaAB 730Enacted Oct. 2019
CaliforniaAB 972Enacted Sept. 2022
CaliforniaAB 2355Passed House May 2024
CaliforniaAB 2839Passed House May 2024
CaliforniaAB 2655Passed House May 2024
ColoradoHB 1147Enacted May 2024
ConnecticutSB 2Passed Senate April 2024, Failed May 2024
ConnecticutHB 5450Failed May 2024
DelawareHB 316 HS 1Passed June 2024
District of ColumbiaB25-0832Introduced June 2024
FloridaSB 850Introduced Jan. 2024
FloridaHB 919Enacted April 2024
GeorgiaHB 986Passed House Feb. 2024; Senate Tabled March 2024
HawaiiHB 1766Passed House Mar. 2024
HawaiiSB 2687Enacted July 2024
HawaiiHB 1734Introduced Jan. 2024
IdahoHB 426Introduced Jan. 2024
IdahoHB 565Introduced Feb. 2024
IdahoHB 664Enacted Mar. 2024
IllinoisSB 1742Introduced Feb. 2023, Failed May 2024
IllinoisHB 4933Introduced Feb. 2024, Failed May 2024
IllinoisHB 4644Introduced Feb. 2024, Failed May 2024
IndianaSB7Introduced Jan. 2024
IndianaHB 1228Introduced Jan. 2024
IndianaHB 1225Introduced Jan. 2024
IndianaHB 1133Enacted Mar. 2024
IowaHF 2549Passed House Mar. 2024, Failed April 2024
IowaSF 2318Failed April 2024
KansasHB 2559Failed May 2024
KansasHB 2576Failed May 2024
KentuckyHB 45Passed House Feb. 2024, Failed April 2024
KentuckySB 131Passed House Feb. 2024, Failed April 2024
LouisianaHB 154Passed May 2024, Vetoed by Gov. June 2024
LouisianaSB 97Passed May 2024, Vetoed by Gov. June 2024
LouisianaSB 9Introduced Mar. 2024, Failed June 2024
MarylandHB 872Failed April 2024
MarylandSB 978Passed Senate Mar. 2024; Failed in House April 2024
MassachusettsS. 2831Introduced as S. 2730 in Jan 2024
MassachusettsS 2856 Amendment 7Amendment added July 2024
MichiganHB 5144Enacted Nov. 2023
MinnesotaHF 1370Enacted May 2023
MinnesotaSF 3550Introduced Feb. 2024
MinnesotaSF 4029Introduced Feb. 2024
MinnesotaHF 4772Enacted May 2024
MississippiHB 1689Passed House Mar. 2024, Failed April 2024
MississippiSB 2577Enacted April 2024
MissouriHB 2628Passed House Mar. 2024, Failed May 2024
NebraskaLB 1203Indefinitely Postponed April 2024
New HampshireHB 1596Passed May 2024
New HampshireHB 1432Passed May 2024
New HampshireHB 1500Referred for Study Mar. 2024
New HampshireHB 1710Failed Feb. 2024
New JerseyA 2819Introduced May 2023 as A 5511
New JerseyA 2818Passed Assembly June 2024
New JerseyA 3838Introduced Feb. 2024
New MexicoHB 182Enacted Mar. 2024
New YorkA 7106AIntroduced in May 2023
New YorkS 7592Introduced in July 2023
New YorkS 8400AIntroduced Jan. 2024
New YorkA 9028Introduced Feb. 2024
New YorkNY State Budget FY 2024-25 (Part MM Subpart B)Enacted April 2024
North CarolinaSB 880Introduced May 2024
North CarolinaH 1072Passed House May 2024
North CarolinaSB 88Passed Senate June 2024
OhioHB 367Introduced Dec. 2023
OhioHB 410Introduced Feb. 2024
OklahomaHB 3825Failed May 2024
OklahomaSB 1655Passed Senate Mar. 2024, Failed May 2024
OregonSB 1571Enacted Mar. 2024
PennsylvaniaHB 2079Introduced Mar. 2024
PennsylvaniaSB 1217Introduced May 2024
PennsylvaniaHB 2353Introduced May 2024
Rhode IslandH 7387Passed House May 2024, Failed June 2024
South CarolinaH 4660Failed May 2024
South DakotaSB 96Passed Senate Feb 2024, Failed Feb. 2024
TennesseeSB 2057Failed Feb. 2024
TennesseeSB 2386Failed Mar. 2024
TennesseeHB 2340Introduced Jan. 2024, Failed April 2024
TexasSB 751Enacted June 2019
UtahSB 131Enacted Mar. 2024
VirginiaHB 697Tabled until 2025
WashingtonSB 5152Enacted May 2023
West VirginiaHB 4963Passed House Feb. 2024, Failed March 2024
WisconsinSB 644Introduced Nov. 2023
WisconsinAB 664Enacted Mar. 2024
WyomingSF 0051Passed Senate Feb. 2024, Failed Mar. 2024

Last updated: July 15, 2024

See an error or want to share information on state political deepfake legislation? Please contact Ilana Beller (ibeller@citizen.org).