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EO on AI: Tasks, Agencies, Deadlines

On October 30, 2023, President Joe Biden issued an “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.” The Executive Order establishes policy and directs action on a wide array of AI-related issues, including AI and security, privacy, civil rights, consumer protection, innovation and competition. Public Citizen has prepared a spreadsheet listing each of the specific action items in the EO, the responsible agency and the deadline for action.

Downloadable Google sheet.

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CategorySectionLead AgencyDeadline (days from issuance, unless specified)Task
Safety and Security4.1.aCommerce/NIST270develop consensus industry standards for safe, secure and trustworthy AI, inc launch effort for guidelines on auditing
Safety and Security4.1.aCommerce/NIST270establish guidelines for red-teaming of dual use foundation models
Safety and Security4.1.bEnergy270implement a plan for developing model evaluation tools and testbeds
Safety and Security4.2.aCommerce90Require companies with dual-use foundation models to provide info on training, ownership and results; co's with large-scale cluster to reporrt acquisition or development of clusters
Safety and Security4.2.bCommercedefine technical conditions for models and cluster subject to reporting requirements
Safety and Security4.2.cCommerce90report when foreign persons transpact to train large AI models that could be used for malicious activity; restrictions on foreign re-sellers; determine conditions in models that enable malicious cyber-enabled activity
Safety and Security4.2.dCommerce180propose regs to ensure foreign resellers of infrastructure as service identify any foreign persons who obtain accounts
Safety and Security4.3.aeach agency with authority over critical infrastructure90assess potential risk related to AI in critical infrastructure
Safety and Security4.3.aTreasury180report on best practices for financial institutions for AI cyber risks
Safety and Security4.3.aHomeland Security180incorporate NIST risk management framework into guidelines for critical infrastructure owners
Safety and Security4.3.aAsst Pres for National Security Affairs and OMB240coordinate work of agencies with authority over critical infrastructure
Safety and Security4.3.aHomeland Securityestablish AI Safety and Security Board as advisory committee
Safety and Security4.3.bDefense180pilot project of vulnerabilities in USG systems
Safety and Security4.3.bDefense and Homeland Security270report on results of pilot project
Safety and Security4.4.aHomeland Security180evaluate and report on AI to be misused for chemical, biological, nuclear threats
Safety and Security4.4.aDefense120study on biosecurity risks
Safety and Security4.4.bOSTP180establish framework for providers of synthetic nucleic acid sequences to adopt screening mechanisms to reduce risks
Safety and Security4.4.bCommerce180engage with stakeholders for specifications for synthetic nucleic acid sequences screening
Safety and Security4.4.bagencies180 of establishment for framework from 4.4.bas requirement of funding, ensure providers and manufacturers of synthetic nucleic acid sequences adhere to framework
Safety and Security4.4.bHomeland Security180 of establishment for framework from 4.4.bdevelop a program to stress test the synthetic nucleic acid sequence screening and submit a report
Safety and Security4.5.aCommerce240issue report to identify standards on content, provenance, watermarking
Safety and Security4.5.bCommerce180 days after report from 4.5.aissue guidance for labeling and authenticating AI content
Safety and Security4.5.cCommerce180 days after guidancefrom 4.5.bissue guidance for agencies for labeling and authenticating AI content
Safety and Security4.5.dFAR Councilconsider amending FAR to account for labeling guidance
Safety and Security4.6Commerce270solicit input on regulatory approaches to dual-use foundation models, submit report to president
Safety and Security4.7.aChief Data Officer Council270guidelines for performing security reviews, inc risk of releasing fed data
Safety and Security4.7.bagencies180 days after guidelines from 4.7.aconduct a security review of all data assets
Safety and Security4.8Asst Pres for National Security Affairs and Depty Chief of Staff for Policy270submit proposed National Security Memo on AI to the president
Innovation and Competition5.1.aState and Homeland Security90streamline visa petitions
Innovation and Competition5.1.bState and Homeland Security120consider rulemaking on Exchange Visitor Skills List
Innovation and Competition5.1.bState and Homeland Security180guide for AI experts to understand options for working in the US
Innovation and Competition5.2.aNSF90-540launch pilot National AI Research Resource
Innovation and Competition5.2.aNSF150fund one NSF Regional Innovation Engine on AI
Innovation and Competition5.2.aNSF540establish 4 new National AI Research Institutes
Innovation and Competition5.2.bEnergy120pilot program to train new AI scientific talent
Innovation and Competition5.2.cCommerce/PTO120publish guidance on inventorship and use of AI
Innovation and Competition5.2.cCommerce/PTO270additional guidance on the intersection of AI and intellectual property
Innovation and Competition5.2.cCommerce/PTO270issue recommendations to president on copyright and AI
Innovation and Competition5.2.dHomeland Security180develop program to mitigate AI-related IP risks
Innovation and Competition5.2.eHHSprioritize grants to support responsible AI development
Innovation and Competition5.2.fVA365host AI Tech Sprint competitions
Innovation and Competition5.2.gEnergy180issue report on AI to improve electric grid and develop tools
Innovation and Competition5.2.hPresident's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology180report on AI to address major societal and global challenges
Innovation and Competition5.3.aagencies, esp FTCdevelop policies to promote competition
Innovation and Competition5.3.bCommerceimplement CHIPS Act to promote competition
Innovation and Competition5.3.cSmall Business Administrationprioritize Regional Innovation Cluster funding for small biz AI institutes
Supporting Workers6.aCEA180report on labor market effects of AI
Supporting Workers6.aLabor180report analyzing agency ability to support workers displaced by AI
Supporting Workers6.bLabor180publish best practices for employers to mitigate AI harms to employees
Supporting Workers6.bLaborissue guidance on how FLSA rules apply relevant to AI
Supporting Workers6.bNSEprioritize resources for AI related education
Equity and Civil Rights7.1.aDOJ90convene meeting with heads of civil rights office on algorithmic discrimination
Equity and Civil Rights7.1.bDOJ365report on AI in criminal justice system
Equity and Civil Rights7.1.bInteragency working group180best practices for hiring law enforcement professionals with AI skills
Equity and Civil Rights7.1.bDOJ270recommendations for making hires with technical knowledge
Equity and Civil Rights7.1.bDOJ365assess capacity to investigate law enforcement deprivation of rights from AI
Equity and Civil Rights7.2.aagenciesuse civil rights office to prevent unlawful discriminatin from federal use of AI
Equity and Civil Rights7.2.bHHS180publish plan on algorithmic systems used by states to allocate public benefits
Equity and Civil Rights7.2.bAgriculture180issue guidance to states on algorithmic systems to implement benefits
Equity and Civil Rights7.3.aLabor365guidance for federal contractors on nondiscrimination in AI for hiring
Equity and Civil Rights7.3.bFHA and CFPBconsider use of authorities to ensure compliance and no bias re:AI and underwriting and valuation
Equity and Civil Rights7.3.cHUD180guidance on tenant screening, advertising housing and AI
Equity and Civil Rights7.4.dArchitectual and Transportations Barriers Compliance Boardrecommendations on risks and benefits of use of biometric data for people with disabilities
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.aindependent agenciesencouraged use authorities against fraud
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.bHHS90strategic plan on AI in health and human services, inc service delivery, monitoring, equity, safety, privacy
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.bHHS180strategy to determine whether AI technologies maintain quality in health care
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.bHHS180promote compliance with nondiscrimination
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.bHHS365strategy for regulating AI in the drug development process
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.cTransportation30assess need for guidance re: AI in transportation, start pilot projects
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.cTransportation90direct advisory committee to provide advice on safe use of AI in transport
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.cTransportation180direct ARPA-Infrastructure to explore transportation and AI
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.dEducation365develop resources on AI and education
Consumers, Patients, Passengers and Students8.eFCCanalyze AI and spectrum management, network security, more
Protecting Privacy9.aOMBevaluate commercial avail info used by agencies and standards, re: personally identifiable info
Protecting Privacy9.aOMB180issue RFI to revise guidance on privacy provisions of E-Government Act
Protecting Privacy9.bOMB365evaluate efficacy of differential privacy guarantee protections, inc for AI
Protecting Privacy9.cNSF120fund Research Coordination Network devoted to privacy research
Protecting Privacy9.cNSF240engage agencies to incorporate privacy enhancing technologies
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.aOMB60convene interagency council to coordinate agency use of AI
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.bOMB150issue guidance to agencies on effective and appropriate use of AI; specific instructions inc AI officers, risk management, rights impacts, safety, watermarking, red-teaming
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.bagencies60 days after guidance in 10.1.bcreate chief AI officers
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.cOMB60 days after guidance in 10.1.bmethod for agencies to track AI use and management
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.dCommerce/NIST90 days after guidance in 10.1.bguidelines for risk management
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.dOMB180 days after guidance in 10.1.bdevelop means for agencies to ensure contracts align with guidance in 10.1.b
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.eOMBannuallyinstructions to agencies to publish agency use cases of AI
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.fagenciesdiscouraged from broad bans on AI, prefer specific restrictions
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.fGSA90develop framework for prioritizing emerging technologies in Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.fOPM180guidance for use of generative AI by federal workforce
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.gTechnology Modernization Board30consider prioritizing funding for AI projects
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.1.hGSA180facilitate access to federal government-wide acquisition of AI services and products
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.aOSTP and OMB45identify priority mission areas for AI talent in federal government
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.bAssistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy45convene AI and technology talent task force
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.bAI and Technology Talent Task Force180track and report progress on increasing AI capacity across government
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.cUS Digital Service45develop plans to recruit AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM60review workplace flexibilty as relates to recruit AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM60consider excepted service appointments for AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM90coordinate pooled hiring action for AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM120issue guidance on pay flexibility for AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM180guidance on hiring AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM180establish interagency working group to facilitate hiring AI talent
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM180review Existing Core Qualifications for Senior Executive Service
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.dOPM180review competencies for civil engineers re: AI
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.gagenciesimplement AI familiarization programs for employees
Advancing Fed Govt use of AI10.2.hDefense180report to president on challenge to hire noncitizens
American Leadership Abroad11.aState lead efforts for international framework on managing risk.
American Leadership Abroad11.bCommerce270establish a plan for global engagement on AI consensus standards
American Leadership Abroad11.bCommerce180 days after plan is establishedsubmit a report to the president on the plan in 11.b
American Leadership Abroad11.cState/USAID365publish AI in Global Development Playbook
American Leadership Abroad11.cState/USAIDdevelop global research agenda for contexts beyond US borders
American Leadership Abroad11.dHomeland Security270develop a plan for multilateral engagement on protecting critical infrastructure re: AI risks
American Leadership Abroad11.dHomeland Security180 days after the plan in 11.dreport to the president on relevant priority actions to mitigate cross-border threats to US critical infrastructure
Implementation12White Housea White House AI Council is now established