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Combating Deregulation

Effective Regulations

Federal agencies protect everything from our economy and elections to our air, water and food. Effective regulation is critical to making markets work for people and promoting health, safety and fairness. However, both Congress and industry have thrown up burdensome obstacles that significantly slow agency progress on rulemaking, and in some cases, deter them entirely. Life-saving regulations have been known to languish a decade or more at agencies due to unnecessary obstacles and industry pressure.

Public Citizen advocates for a more efficient regulatory system that can act quickly to protect Americans from hazard.

Take Action

Learn more by visiting the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards website.

Resources on Combating Deregulation

Public Citizen works with the Congress and federal agencies to reduce preventable harm caused by corporate malfeasance, market failures and the influence of money in politics. We also educate policymakers about the need for effective public protections.

Resources on Strengthening Federal Agencies