The Clean Power Plan: Clean Power, Clear Savings

The EPA Clean Power Plan Will Cut State Electricity Bills

November 2015


A new report by Public Citizen shows that consumers across the county will see lower electricity bills under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut carbon pollution.

Report: Clean Power, Clear Savings: The EPA Clean Power Plan Can Cut Household Electricity Bills in Every State

In August 2015, the EPA finalized a rule to curb carbon pollution from existing power plants. The rule, dubbed the Clean Power Plan, asks each state to design its own strategy to achieve carbon reduction targets by 2030. States must submit their plans for compliance with the Clean Power Plan starting in the summer of 2016.

Under the rule, states will reduce their carbon pollution – providing them an opportunity not only to fight climate disruption, but to lower electricity costs for consumers and boost their economies.

The most effective and lowest-cost way to cut carbon pollution from power plants is to improve energy efficiency, which means using less power to do the same activities.

By spurring stronger energy efficiency efforts, the Clean Power Plan will lower consumer bills while fighting climate change, saving the typical American family more than $100 annually by 2030.

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