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Updated information for August 31, 2000, press release

MARCH 2001

Updated information for Aug. 31, 2000, press release

As of March 2001, Schering-Plough has spent $28.1 million on lobbying and campaign contributions since the start of the 1996 election cycle — including more than $800,000 in soft money for the 2000 elections.

Schering-Plough spent $17.1 million on lobbying in 1999 and 2000 — more than any other drug company. Overall, since the beginning of 1996, Schering-Plough has spent $26 million to lobbying Congress and the administration.

In the past three election cycles, Schering-Plough has contributed $1.5 million in soft money to Democratic and Republican Party committees. In the 2000 cycle, the company’s soft money contributions totaled $847,000, more than twice what the company gave in the 1996 election cycle.

In the 1996 cycle, Schering-Plough gave just 4 percent of its soft money to Democratic Party committees. That figure jumped to 20 percent in the 1999-2000 cycle. The same trend applies to “hard” money contributions from the company. In the 1996 cycle, contributions from Schering-Plough’s corporate PAC favored Republicans over Democrats by a 4-1 ratio. In 2000, that ratio was 2-1.

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