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Upcoming EPA Climate Change Regs

This week I sat down with Thom Hartmannto talk about revised performance standards for new power plants to be unveiled Friday by the Environmental Protection Agency, which will build on the successful rubrics the agency set for new automobiles last year, and follows the Supreme Court’s mandate for comprehensive regulation of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

The rules for new power plants, modified and improved from last year, will limit carbon dioxide emissions for any new coal fired power plant to roughly match those of new natural gas power plants. This important step in addressing climate change finally levels the playing field for superior, zero carbon technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and energy efficiency which have been forced to compete against dirty coal power.

Consumers stand to benefit not just from the expected reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but from emerging clean energy technologies and new tools to promote energy efficiency. We welcome working with the EPA and other stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of these important consumer and public health safeguards.

Tyson Slocum is Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program. Follow him on Twitter @TysonSlocum