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Two Nonprofit Workers to Receive the Phyllis McCarthy Public Interest Awar

Public Citizen Recognizes the Honorees for Their Longtime Dedication to Public Servic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cynthia Stancil, the associate director of human resources at RESULTS, and Mary Parsons, the art director of The American Prospect, will receive the 17th annual Phyllis McCarthy Public Interest Award at a reception at 5 p.m. EST today at Public Citizen’s office at 1600 20th St. NW in Washington, D.C.

Stancil has been with RESULTS, a nonprofit focused on tackling poverty through grassroots advocacy, for 12 years. Over the course of her career, Stancil has tackled a variety of roles, assisting RESULTS in event management, fundraising, volunteer support, finance, communications, technology and operations. In her current role, she continues to be a fierce advocate for the RESULTS staff and mission.

“As our movement of advocates gets published in the media, speaks to Congress, holds events and travels around the world, Cynthia is working diligently, but without fanfare, to support all of it,” said Joanne Carter, executive director of RESULTS. “As an organization, we’ve helped change public policy and direct billions of dollars in government funding toward effective solutions to poverty, supporting millions of people in the United States and around the world. Cynthia has helped make it all possible.”

Parsons, who began with The American Prospect in 2007, has helped transform the artistic direction of the publication. Before each issue goes to print, she coordinates the cover art, plans images for each article and helps perfect the final draft.

“Without a scintilla of doubt, Mary has been my, and the magazine’s, best hire,” said Harold Meyerson, editor at large of The American Prospect. “On deadline, some editors veer between the frantic and the obsessive; Mary, who understands journalists as well as anyone I’ve ever met, remains cool as a cucumber, amusing, amused – and never lets a typo, or a mistake bigger than a typo, get by her.”

Public Citizen created the award after Phyllis McCarthy, an employee of its Health Research Group, passed away in November 2002. She worked for 24 years as a managing editor and office manager, playing an integral part in the development and preparation of publications, reports, medical journal articles and petitions to government agencies. The award recognizes individuals who are appreciated by their co-workers and have worked tirelessly for a public interest group, performing critical functions as did McCarthy, but who have not received public credit commensurate with their contributions.