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The New Dog on the Blog

Welcome to our new and improved Watchdog Blog.

This dog covers all Congress Watch issues and campaigns, not just money and politics.  We aren’t going to let up on exposing political corruption, but now we will cover all of the juicy stuff in our bailiwick – critical issues like civil justice, including access to courts and consumer advocacy.  If government or corporate accountability is in question, or when other vital reforms are needed, you will read about it here.

In addition to the freshly groomed appearance of the Watchdog, it also now has syndication by both RSS feed and email.  You can subscribe to receive all Watchdog Blog posts, or if you prefer, you can choose to receive only posts on Money & Politics or Civil Justice issues.

It’s also MUCH easier to participate.  If you can’t remember your comment login and password, don’t worry.  Now all you need to join the discussion is a name, an email, and an opinion.

Just hit comments and let’s begin the conversation.