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The Daily Show tackles Citizen United

We know; we have a lot to say about the Citizens United decision. But who would we be if we didn’t include the comedic wit of Jon Stewart, who tackled the Citizens United decision with Daily Show correspondent John Oliver last night.

“I refuse to accept that corporations should have the same protections as people,” Stewart told Oliver.

Oliver, who refused to believe Stewart’s assertion, asked, “If you prick my corporation, does it not bleed?”

Oliver’s faux corporation, Olivercorp, played an advertisement denouncing Stewart for molesting money-makers. The correspondent told Stewart that if he wanted to respond, he could develop enough wealth to buy an ad slot to take on the corporate molestation rumors.

“You have more rights than people now,” a flabbergasted Stewart said.

We know, Jon. That’s exactly why we’re trying to get this Supreme Court decision overturned with a constitutional amendment. Sign Public Citizen’s petition now.