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Public Citizen Statement on U.S. War in Iraq

Public Citizen Statement on U.S. War in Iraq

Public Citizen opposes President Bush’s new doctrine sanctioning unprovoked, preemptive military strikes.


The president has opened the door for other nations to use preemptive military force. This sets the United States and the world on a dangerous course, one with potentially catastrophic consequences for the lives of millions around the world and for the global environment. We emphasize, however, that we wish for the speedy and safe return of the U.S. women and men in uniform.

Public Citizen also objects strenuously to the Bush administration’s increasing secrecy and actions, taken in the name of national security, that compromise the principles of openness and democracy enshrined in the Constitution. Government accountability and transparency are being threatened, weakening the participation of civil society in governance and endangering the United States’ status as a nation rooted in the rule of law and as a beacon of democracy and freedom around the world.