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Public Citizen Statement on Ken Paxton’s Acquittal

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Senate today found Ken Paxton not guilty on all impeachment articles, allowing the suspended attorney general to return to office despite substantial evidence that he abused the power of his office.

Adrian Shelley, Texas director of Public Citizen, issued the following statement:

“Senators voted today to stick a ‘For Sale’ sign on the attorney general’s office. House impeachment managers and their attorneys presented evidence for two weeks, including sworn testimony from Paxton’s former top aides who witnessed a pattern of alleged corruption and criminality from the attorney general. None of it mattered following a trial from which Paxton was largely absent.

“Public corruption is nothing new in Texas and elsewhere. It continues because people with the power to do something about it choose to look the other way. The people of this state deserve better from their elected officials. Today, enough senators voted to join Ken Paxton in letting Texans down.”