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Public Citizen Launches Radio Ad Criticizing Murray Energy Lawsuit Against Clean Air Safeguards

July 28, 2014

Public Citizen Launches Radio Ad Criticizing Murray Energy Lawsuit Against Clean Air Safeguards

Radio Ad Will Run in Pittsburgh Area and Belmont, Ohio, Market, Home to Murray Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A hard-hitting radio ad launches today criticizing Murray Energy Corporation’s legal challenges to proposed federal clean air standards and protections for mine workers from coal dust. The ad will run July 28 through August 1 on two top country stations and the top classic hits and talk stations that reach the company’s headquarters in St. Clairsville, Ohio. The ad also will run on KDKA-AM, the No. 1 rated station in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Murray Energy is a privately owned coal mining company with 3,000 employees and eight underground and surface coal mines in the U.S. It operates in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, West Virginia and Utah.

In May, Murray Energy sued the U.S. Department of Labor to block new rules designed to protect coal miners from coal dust, which can cause black lung disease. In June, Murray Energy sued to block a proposal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.
 “It is unconscionable that Murray Energy is trying to block important health and safety protections for workers and the public,” said Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program. “The EPA’s proposal will cut carbon pollution from power plants and clean up our air. We are running this radio ad because we want people to know that this company is working against the interests of mine workers and the public.”

On Thursday and Friday (July 31 and August 1), the EPA will hold a public hearing in Pittsburgh, among other cities, on the proposed carbon pollution rules.

The following is a transcript of Public Citizen’s radio advertisement.

Announcer:  Imagine you’re a coal miner, waiting in your doctor’s office. Your doctor comes in and shows you a scan of your lung.  You have Pneumoconiosis … Black Lung Disease.  Black Lung can harden your lungs … shorten your breath … it can even cause cancer and death. And there’s no cure. Safety standards can reduce the dangerous coal dust that causes Black Lung. But recently, a coal company called Murray Energy sued to stop these protections against dangerous coal dust from going into effect. Now Murray Energy is also suing to block new clean air standards that would protect everyone from air pollution… including children and seniors with asthma.  Murray is using scare tactics and ignoring the science. And that’s just wrong.  No one wants to worry about the air they breathe. Please visit www.citizen.org, sign the petition and speak out now to protect our families’ health and our kids’ future. Second Announcer: Message brought to you by Public Citizen.