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Oppose $36 Billion Bump to Nuclear Industry

On  Thursday, the Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development will hold a hearing to review the Department of Energy’s FY 2011 budget request (click here to see if your Senator sits on this committee).

This hearing is part of the important process that moves the Obama adminstrations proposed budget through the Congressional channels that have jurisdication over federal spending – allowing our representatives the opportunity to challenge spending request. We  are urging senators to challege  Obama’s request to increase nuclear loan guarantee program to $54 billion.  The request, which would triple the $18.5 billion program, is an affront to those that voted for a clean energy revolution, and positions taxpayers to shoulder another industy bailout. 

Please, write your Senator today!

Secretary of Energy,  Steven Chu, will be fielding questions at the hearing on his agency’s budget request, including  the $36 billion bump to the nuclear loan guarantee program.

My question for Secretary Chu:  How can a technology that is already propped up by government subsidies – and is prohibitively expensive, inherently dangerous and produces tons of radioactive waste every year – be tapped for more massive government giveaways? 

 Do you have questions about nuclear power, the nuclear loan guarantee program or how the budget process works?  Yes? Then post them here.  The decisions that are being made regarding our energy future require more public dialogue. 

Our government is determining our spending priorities for next year.  Please, weigh in today to ensure a clean energy future.

Allison Fisher is the Energy Organizer for Public Citizen

Flickr picture courtesy of  alancleaver