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Native Ads Are Taking Over TV, And Producers Aren’t Exactly Happy About It

Native Ads Are Taking Over TV, And Producers Aren’t Exactly Happy About It

BY Oriana Schwindt

International Business News

This isn’t mere product placement, where characters are simply seen drinking a particular brand of soda. It isn’t even a scene that includes dialogue pointing out a character is eating a Subway sandwich in an effort to lose weight.

This is native advertising, a longtime trend in the text-based online media world now colonizing the living room. But instead of an article published on the Atlantic’s website to satisfy the Church of Scientology’s needs, or a BuzzFeed listicle written at the behest of Samsung Electronics, it’s a main plot thread spread over three episodes written with the input of a sponsor who’s shelled out several million extra dollars.

But the floodgates are about to open. The big networks are gearing up to court advertisers as part of their annual upfront presentations designed to lock in tens of billions of dollars in commitments by advertisers for the coming year. The difference this year is that the networks won’t just be selling spots around the shows — they’ll be selling storylines within the shows themselves.

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