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The Little Known Law Gutting Environmental & Consumer Protections

We all deserve clean air and water, safe workplaces and household products, fair wages and honest business dealings. But the regulations that protect these things are more in danger than ever before.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are using the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to wipe out protections that keep us safe from corporate predators, polluters and pickpockets.

The CRA allows Congress to repeal rules issued in the final 60 legislative days of the Obama administration. CRA resolutions cannot be filibustered, and once protections are repealed, we won’t get them back anytime soon.

RulesAtRisk.org is a new website Public Citizen created with a broad coalition to provide you up-to-date information about these challenges to our public protections.

Republicans have already repealed two rules – both pay backs the giant energy corporations that helped to fund their campaigns.

One rule prevented Big Oil companies from bribing governments to gain drilling rights. The other stopped mining companies from dumping toxic chemicals into nearby streams, polluting our irrigation and drinking water.

Now conservatives are targeting women’s health care protections, broadband privacy rules, help for students who are scammed by their schools, prepaid card protections, and hundreds of other safeguards.

If these rules are repealed, the pain and suffering will be widespread.

Payday lenders, debt collectors, and credit card companies will be able to scam and rip us off. Polluters will be allowed to dump in our backyards and poison the wells near our homes. And we’ll pay more out of pocket for home appliances, trucks and electricity.

To save public protections, we have to act now. You can call your members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to table the Congressional Review Act. Tell them to keep our health, safety, pocketbook and environmental safeguards in place.