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In Advance of Medicare for All Hearings, Experts Available to Talk Policy Details

April 24, 2019


In Advance of Medicare for All Hearings, Experts Available to Talk Policy Details

Public Citizen Experts Can Answer Questions About Cost, Quality of Care, Political Feasibility and More

For the first time, Medicare for All legislation is being taken seriously by leaders on Capitol Hill and presidential candidates. With legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives with a record number of co-sponsors and similar legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate, Medicare for All has reached the political mainstream.

For more than 40 years, Public Citizen has called for legislation that would guarantee health care for all. According to a recent Public Citizen report, Medicare for All would mean reduced health care spending, both for Americans and for the country as a whole. Middle-class families would see savings of up to 14 percent, compared to their current health care spending, due to more progressive funding mechanisms. In addition, Medicare for All would reduce health care administrative spending by $500 billion per year and reduce pharmaceutical costs by $115 billion per year by allowing the government to negotiate with prescription drug makers.

As Medicare for All gains more traction politically, please note that Public Citizen experts are available to answer questions about the economics of implementing Medicare for All and the political dynamics of the issue.

They can speak about:

  • Where funding for Medicare for All will come from;
  • The transition of workers out of the private insurance industry;
  • How Medicare for All can improve quality of care and access to care; and
  • How to transfer recipients from employer-based insurance to single-payer.


Eagan Kemp, health care policy associate, ekemp@citizen.org, (202) 454-5109
Kemp can discuss the legislative aspects of Medicare for All and other health care proposals, including how it could be paid for, plan details and the implications for our health care system.

Melinda St. Louis, Medicare for All campaign director, mstlouis@citizen.org, (202) 588-7763
St. Louis can discuss the growing grassroots movement for Medicare for All, including the push for local resolutions in support of the system and the increasing number of groups endorsing federal legislative efforts.

Brittany Shannahan, Medicare for All organizer, bshannahan@citizen.org, (202) 588-7719
Shannahan can discuss the socioeconomic aspects of Medicare for All, including its impact on women, minorities, people with disabilities and low-wage workers – as well as the factors behind its high popularity among young voters.

Robert Weissman, president
Weissman can discuss the momentum for Medicare for All and industry opposition to an approach that would deliver better care for all Americans at less cost.

Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs, lgilbert@citizen.org, (202) 454-5188
Gilbert can discuss the view from Capitol Hill and the likely next steps for legislative progress on Medicare for All.