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New coal plant can't hide the dirty truth

Dominion energy company says it’s going to build one of the “cleanest” coal-fired power plants in the nation in southwest Viriginia, yet, when the State Corporate Commission voted to approve the plant, it designated it a “conventional coal facility,” which makes us wonder who Dominion is trying to fool? With no plan to capture and sequester carbon emissions, the proposed Dominion plant will just continue to adding to the problem of global warming.

Tim Craig and Sandhya Somashekhar write about the Dominion proposal in the Washington Post. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said, “We’ve got a need for energy, and we’ve got to do it in a way that’s as clean and as focused on conservation as possible,” the Post reported.

But coal is not the answer.

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network blog tells what happened at one of the governor’s recent town hall meetings where he was confronted with questions about the proposed Dominion plant. It seems, Kaine is a skillful dodger.

After the Governor rambled for thirty minutes about being an “optimist,” the questions about the controversial coal plant started.

Kayti Wingfield asked the Governor to be a ‘leader like Kansas Governor Sebelius’ who has stopped multiple coal plants and seen her national recognition and popularity rise as a result. The Governor respectfully declined.

John Koontz of Leesburg, a clean energy businessman, told the Governor that he frequently had to travel Maryland, Deleware and Pennsylvania to do business and asked the Governor to help make Virginia more hospitable to renewable energy. Once again, the Governor respectfully declined, stating his ‘belief’ that one day we will magically get a large portion of our energy from renewables.

Dominion still needs to go before the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board in order to have its plan approved. Speak out in favor of clean, sustainable energy!

Find more about the issue and how you can help stop this plant at Wise Energy for Virginia.