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Elizabeth Warren

A photo of Elizabeth Warren

Wall Street reform is on its way to becoming law. Most central to financial reform is the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is one of the bill’s hardest won and most meaningful reforms. But whether the new bureau delivers on its promise depends in large part on who runs it. There’s no doubt who would be the most effective leader of the new bureau: Harvard law Professor Elizabeth Warren.

Warren first proposed the creation of a new consumer financial protection agency. And as head of the Congressional Oversight Panel, she has led the commission that has been the official group that has been the toughest – by far – on Wall Street. Because of her accomplishments and because we know she will fight for consumer rights, Public Citizen asks President Barack Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Ever since she was first mentioned in the discussion about Wall St. reform, the banks have been fighting against Warren’s appointment. They know she has both the will and the intelligence to effectively regulate them and they will put all their might behind a huge lobbying effort to stop her nomination and appointment. We have to use our own power as citizens to secure her appointment. Sign our petition to get Elizabeth Warren to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.