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Deputy AG-Nominee is "a big believer in whistleblowers"

This just in from Steven Aftergood's "Secrey News" blog with the Federation of American Scientists:

David W. Ogden, who has been nominated to be the next Deputy

Attorney General, last week expressed strong support for government

whistleblowers who help to expose corruption or malfeasance.

“I am a big believer in whistleblowers,” he said

at his February 5 confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary

Committee, “and in the need to make sure that people feel comfortable

coming forward to make complaints.”

“I think what we need is a process that encourages whistleblowing in

this administration and any other administration going forward. The

business of making sure that we’re doing the right thing is an ongoing

business,” Mr. Ogden said in response to a question from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

He said he would work with the Attorney General “to fashion an

appropriate process that encourages whistleblowers to raise issues that

need to be addressed.”

Mr. Ogden also indicated a willingness to consider public disclosure

of certain legal opinions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance


Sen. Ron Wyden noted that “there are a lot of important rulings that

go to the meaning of surveillance law, and I think that a lot of those

kinds of judgments really could be redacted and declassified so that

the country could be brought in in a more informed, a more complete way

to these national-security debates.”

“I absolutely will commit to take a fresh look at this issue if I’m confirmed,” Mr. Ogden said.

FIS Court opinions that interpret surveillance law were one of several categories of “secret law” that were identified (pdf) in an April 30, 2008 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the subject.

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