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Deadline tonight: Tell your reps to vote for accountability in government



Obama has asked Congress for a federal spending bill to get the economy

moving again.

Billions of tax dollars are already being spent in the

bailout and billions more are needed to begin to dig us out of this

financial crisis. But before we agree to this massive spending bill, we

must know that someone will be watching the store. We must ensure that

federal employees can blow the whistle waste, fraud or abuse – without

fear of retaliation or reprisals!

We now have a chance to protect whistleblowers and make sure there is real accountability in the economic stimulus package! But we have to act quickly!


champions of accountability, Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and

Representative Todd Platts (R-PA), have offered an amendment to the

stimulus bill that would restore and strengthen protections for federal

workers who blow the whistle. This is the same bill that we have long

supported and that passed the House with overwhelming support in 2007.

Congress is voting this evening on whether the economic stimulus should include protections for federal workers who blow the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse.


need you to call your representative now and ask for support for

federal government employees! You can find your member of the House here, or simply call the Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121and ask for your representative.


tell your member of Congress to support federal employee whistleblower

rights and vote yes on the Platts/Van Hollen Amendment today!


been fighting for these whistleblower protections for a long time.

Passing the stimulus bill passes with these protections in place would

be an outstanding victory for all of us who have fought for government

accountability over the years. Please call your member of Congress today!

Let us know your thoughts on how your call went! Email us at action@citizen.org.