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Campaign Finance Loophole Vote Happening Today

Later this afternoon, Congress will be voting on a measure that could blow a huge loophole in campaign finance law. There are two bills — one good, one bad.

The bad bill is H.R. 1606, which allows unlimited "soft money"– money from corporations, unions or wealthy individuals — to be poured into internet ads for political candidates.

The good bill is H.R. 4900. This bill will protect the free speech rights of bloggers while preserving the ban on soft money for campaign ads on the Internet. H.R. 4900,  sponsored by Reps. Tom Allen (D-Maine) and Charles Bass (R-N.H.), has the backing of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet as well as former Dean Campaign online manager, Nicco Mele.

Follow this link to email your Representative today! Check back on the blog tomorrow for an update on this important vote.

To learn more about this legislative attack on campaign finance law, and the legislative solution in H.R. 4900, click here.

-Jess Kutch