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Bush's NAFTA truck program puts us at risk


What do a bunch of teamsters, environmental activists and Public Citizen all have in common? They think that the Bush administration’s reckless decision to expand its NAFTA “pilot program” for Mexico-based trucks puts all American motorists at risk.

Today, a federal appeals court in San Francisco will hear arguments in a case brought by Public Citizen, four environmental and labor groups that opposes Bush’s plan to allow trucks from up to 100 Mexico-based shipping companies full access to U.S. roads. We wrote about this earlier.

You can TAKE ACTION by telling Congress to follow through on the decision they made last year and halt the NAFTA truck program immediately.

The Teamsters Union is using the issue to launch a campaign calling for the firing of Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters.

They’ve even created the Web site: FireMaryPeters.com. (You know you’ve hit the big time when you get your own Web Site.)