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BP is photoshopping images

In the past couple days, news has surfaced that BP released photoshopped (from Americablog via Gizmodo) images to the press as though the images were unaltered. This appalling behavior needs to stop. Lying to the American people is disgusting and infuriating. BP has already done enough harm. Such behavior proves why we must stand up to BP. Pledge to boycott the company now: beyondBP.org.

This clearly photoshopped image was one of several BP has released.

Now what is so odd about the photoshopping is that BP really did not need to edit or “create” any images. The company has plenty of legitimate photos showing how hard its employees are working. The fabrication of images was totally unnecessary. This incident proves how little BP cares about integrity: they felt no shame in lying about something they really did not need to lie about in the first place.

For the record, BP promises to never release doctored photographs again. Yeah. Sure. Now we’ll believe you.

This is a truly outrageous company.