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BP execs did the crime, they should do the time

News outlets around the world covered our protest last week at BP’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. From the Bloomberg/Businessweek story:

Over 100 people representing eight environmental groups attempted a symbolic “citizen’s arrest” of Tony Hayward in a park outside the company’s offices in downtown Washington.

Public Citizen President Robert Weissman led the group to the lobby of BP’s office building, attempting to get a company official to accept a list of crimes and a black-and-white striped prisoner’s uniform fitted for Hayward. They were told no one was in the office today.

A BP official told Gerard Shields of the Baton Rouge Advocate’s D.C. bureau said the company was braced for protests.

“Everyone is frustrated with this situation, including everyone at BP,” Toby Odone said. “If some people want to express their frustration by protesting us, that’s something we’ll have to live with.”

From Russia Today:

One of the chief targets for today’s protesters was BP CEO Tony Hayward. Protesters say he committed a crime and should do the time.

He’s guilty because he killed 11 workers and he is a major cause for this oil spill,” said law student Crystal Kim.