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AIG’s Toxic Relationship with Coal Prompts Valentine’s Message from Citizen Groups

NEW YORK — In an early morning delivery, representatives from Public Citizen and Rise and Resist today delivered a Valentine’s Day message for multinational insurer American International Group Inc. (AIG) CEO Peter Zaffino, stating “Dear Coal, I will always choose you. XOXO, Peter, CEO of AIG Insurance”.

In addition to the Valentine’s Day delivery, the groups will run a series of LinkedIn ads calling on AIG to stop insuring coal and fossil fuel projects. 

In response to today’s delivery, Hannah Saggau, insurance campaigner at Public Citizen, released the following statement: 

“As one of the few insurers still underwriting new, multi-billion-dollar coal projects, AIG’s toxic relationship with this sector is destroying our planet. We are delivering CEO Peter Zaffino a Valentine’s message calling on him to end his affair with coal and insure our future instead.” 

“There are now 37 major global insurers with commitments to limit or end their coal underwriting. AIG’s lack of restrictions on insurance and investments in fossil fuels is a commitment to climate chaos.”