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10 things you can do on 10/10/10 to take action on the climate change crisis

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Jason Mark, a co-manager of the 4-acre Alemany Farm in the heart of San Francisco, talks about the work party they are throwing Sunday to send a message to our global leaders that it’s time to get serious about the climate change crisis. On that day, Oct. 10, 2010, people all across the planet will be joining work parties as part of the largest-ever coordinated day of action for climate solutions. Alemany Farm, San Francisco’s largest urban food source, is a great example of sustainable living. What are you doing? Here are some suggestions:

1. Find one of the 6,500 events around the world by visiting 350.org.

2. Create your own event and invite all your friends.

3. Ride your bike or walk to the store instead of hopping in your car.

4. Organize a trash pick-up in your neighborhood.

5. Turn off the TV and spend some time with your loved ones.

6. Switch out the light bulbs in your house for low-energy bulbs.

7. Paint your roof white.

8. Invest in solar panels for your home.

9. Visit a farmer’s market and buy locally-produced, organic food.

10. Invite friends over for a dinner made with locally-produced, organic food.