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Find news, presentations and more from the Melbourne Round of Trans-Pacific FTA negotiations (March 1-9, 2012) here

The Australian Digital Alliance Launches website highlighting copyright issues in light of government inquiry into copyright exceptions. Find out more

Concerned citizens have created a petition requesting the Australian government to release the text of the TPP agreements before the final changes are made in the upcoming conference in Bali. Find the petition here

Public Citizen's Analyses

Comparative Analysis of the U.S. IP proposal to the Trans-Pacific FTA and Australian Law, March 2012

Chart comparing pharmaceutical patent and data provisions in leaked U.S. proposals to the TPFTA, TRIPS Agreement and FTAs in negotiating countries, December 2011

Other Analyses

Kimberlee G. Weatherall. 2013. "TPP – Australian Section-by-Section Analysis of the Enforcement Provisions of the August Leaked Draft" The SelectedWorks of Kimberlee G Weatherall
Available at:

"Challenges to Australia's national health policy from trade and investment agreements", Deborah Gleeson, Kyla Tlenhaara, and Thomas Faunce, Medical Journal of Australia, 196, pages 1-3, February 29, 2011. (link to

"Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement: Don't Trade Away Health", AFTINET. (link to

"Strengthening public health engagement in trade policy: PHAA's policy on Trade Agreements and Health", Deborah Gleeson and David Legge, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, vol. 36, Issue 1, pages 7-11, February 2012. (link to

"An Australian Analysis of the February 2011 Leaked US TPPA IP Chapter Text -- copyright and enforcement", Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Queensland, Australia. (link to

Letters and Statements

NGOs call on Australian government to prioritize access to medicines over trade interests, February 2012 (link to

Submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Intellectual Property and Medicines, October 2013

Petition by People's Health Movement Australia to support the 5-country proposal on patents and medicines in TPPA negotiations to safeguard access to medicines, add your voice here!

Australian National University Public Symposium

"A new generation of trade policy: maximising benefits for equity, nutrition and human health"

On May 9, 2013, presentations were given on a wide variety of topics,including social, nutrition and health equity issues surrounding 21stcentury trade agreements, in the particular context of theTrans-Pacific Partnership agreement. These included:


Partner Organizations in Australia


Australian Federation of Aids Organisations




International Fair Trade Day TPP Protest, May 11, 2013, Sydney Australia (AFTINET)


The TPP Will Also Affect Copyright Legislation and Internet Rights in Australia: Find out more

News on TPP & A2M in Australia




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