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Video: Why We’ve Launched Rethink Trade

We need to create GOOD trade policies – to fight FOR trade that raises wages and lessens economic inequality, counters the planetary climate crisis, and curbs corporate power in this era of globalization.

Our movement includes tens of thousands of activists like you who fight every day to address the climate crisis, labor rights violations, Big Tech attacks on your privacy, Big Pharma monopolies that keep medicine prices high, attacks on food safety, income inequality, and social and economic justice.

Trade is at the intersection of all our concerns. If we do not get this right, not only will our aspirations be squelched but decades of gains made by progressive social movements will be undermined.

That’s why we must continue the fight together – and show the real choice is not between the corporate-rigged, failed neoliberal status quo and Trump’s racist, corporatist nationalism.

Together we must Rethink Trade.

Rethink Trade is all about coming up with what we want:

  • Trade policy that put people and the planet first;
  • Trade policy that could raise wages, counter the planetary climate crisis, break up the tech giants, and ensure that we have safe and affordable food and medicines; and
  • Trade policy that ensure that we, the people who live with the results, maintain democratic control over the decisions that affect our lives in this era of globalization.

All of the things that we aspire to for a livable planet, for equality, for peace, for social and economic justice; it will not happen unless we get the trade rules right.

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