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Essential NAFTA 2.0 Campaign Documents

Curated by Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Fact Sheets

  • Current Status of the Fight to Replace NAFTA (Two-Page List of Demands) (PDF)
  • Fact Sheet: Big Pharma Rigged the Revised NAFTA to Keep Drug Prices High (PDF)
  • NAFTA’s Legacy: Lost Jobs, Lower Wages, Increased Inequality (PDF)
  • NAFTA’s Legacy: Expanding Corporate Power to Attack Public Interests Laws (PDF)
  • NAFTA’s Legacy: Empty Promises for U.S. Farmers (PDF)
  • NAFTA’s Legacy for Mexico: Economic Displacement, Lower Wages for Most, Increased Migration (PDF)
  • NAFTA’s Legacy: Failed Policy That Drove Millions From Their Homes (PDF)

NAFTA 2.0 Analyses

  • Public Citizen’s NAFTA 2.0 Text Analysis (PDF | Infographic)
  • NAFTA 2.0 Pharma Patent Analysis (PDF)
  • Infamous NAFTA ISDS Payouts to Corporations That Attacked Health and Environmental Policies Would Not Have Been Possible Under the New Proposed Terms (PDF)
  • Fact Sheet: What does NAFTA 2.0 Mean for Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)? (PDF)
  • Labor Advisory Committee Report on NAFTA 2.0 (PDF)
  • Analysis: Key Findings of the ITC Report on the Revised NAFTA: Modest Projections Do Not Alter Pact’s Prospects in Congress (PDF)

State-Specific Resources

  • NAFTA Effects by State (Map)
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Database (Web)

Congress & Civil Society Demand Changes

  • Petition Delivery: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Members of Congress, and Activists Say No Vote Until NAFTA 2.0 is Fixed (Press Release | Video and Photos)
  • Letter: More Than 100 House Democrats Demand Elimination of Big Pharma Provisions in NAFTA 2.0 that Would Lock In High Drug Prices (Letter | Chart of Signers)
  • Politico: From AOC to Free Traders, Freshmen Democrats push for changes to [NAFTA 2.0] (Web)