Trade Adjustment Assistance Database

On this page you can search for specific workplaces that have laid off American workers due to rising imports or offshoring of production. The Department of Labor certifies these trade-impacted workplaces under its Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, which provides laid off workers with training and extended unemployment benefits.

TAA is a narrow program, only covering a subset of workers who lose jobs to trade. More than 980,000 specific U.S. workers have been certified under TAA as losing their jobs to NAFTA and more than 2,180,000 specific workers have lost their jobs to non-NAFTA countries. In total, more than 3,170,000 jobs have been certified lost under TAA. Every week NAFTA helps corporations outsource more middle class jobs to Canada and Mexico. However, the TAA program does not provide a comprehensive list of facilities or jobs that have been offshored or lost to import competition. A report by the pro-NAFTA Peterson Institute for International Economics estimated that fewer than 10 percent of workers who lost their jobs in industries facing heavy import competition under NAFTA received assistance under TAA. While the TAA data represent a significant undercount of trade-related job losses, it is the only government program that provides information about job losses officially certified by the U.S. government to be trade related.

The database contains all TAA petitions certified or denied since January 1994, when NAFTA went into effect and the year before the global World Trade Organization went into effect. Please review our guide on how to interpret the data here and the technical documentation here. Learn more about the TAA program here.

Using the New Search Function

You can now search the TAA database by company, location, metro area, congressional district, layoff date, and estimated number of workers. To do so, please use the sidebar located to the right of the map. Go here if you are unsure of your congressional district.

To view and download a list, please follow these three steps:

  1. Search for your desired data by using the sidebar.
  2. When the dots appear on the map identifying TAA-certified job loss facilities, use the rectangle tool located on the top-right of the database to highlight your data. A pop-up box will appear displaying the total number of outsourced jobs for your query.
  3. Click on the table icon () to open a new window with the names of the firms, number of workers certified, address, industrial sector, date and more. You can view, sort, and download the data as an Excel or TXT file.

NOTE: By default, petitions that were denied TAA certification are not included in the search results.

Workplaces Certified Under T.A.A. 1994-2018

To work with a copy of the entire dataset using Excel’s autofilter feature, a database program, or a statistical software environment such as R and for media inquiries on the Trade Data Center, contact Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch here.

For media inquiries on the Trade Data Center, contact Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch here.

The geographic information on this page was generated with the assistance of the Texas A&M Geoservices using the most accurate methodology available. Trade Data Center designed by Travis McArthur.