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Global Trade Watch Experts & Staff

Global Trade Watch’s mission is to ensure that in this era of globalization, a majority have the opportunity to enjoy economic security, a clean environment, safe food, medicines and products, access to quality affordable services such as health care and the exercise of democratic decision-making about the matters that affect their lives.


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Experts & Staff

Melinda St. Louis

Global Trade Watch Director

Melinda St. Louis (she/her) is the Global Trade Watch director. She provides expert analysis of technical trade agreement provisions and implications for domestic policymaking to Congress and high-level government officials, the press, and civil society partners in the U.S.

Ryan Harvey

National Field Director

Ryan Harvey (he/him) comes to Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch with 20 years of experience in grassroots organizing, arts activism and independent journalism.

Rishab Bailey

Research Director, Digital Trade Alliance

Rishab Bailey (he/him) is Research Director for the Digital Trade Alliance (DTA), a global collaborative of digital rights and consumer organizations that provide expertise and analysis to guide the transnational debate on digital trade and its impacts on privacy, responsible use of AI, and Big Tech accountability.

Melanie Foley

Global Trade Watch Deputy Director

As Deputy Director, Melanie Foley (she/her) leads outreach and coalition building strategies to bolster Global Trade Watch's campaigns on global trade negotiations.

Iza Camarillo

Research Director

Iza Camarillo (she/her) is the Research Director for Global Trade Watch, providing in-depth information on an array of trade and globalization issues.

Andi Petrovic

Field Organizer

Andi Petrovic (she/her) is a Field Organizer for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. She works closely with local and national partners to organize on trade-related issues.

Sarah Stevens

Program Associate

As a Program Associate with Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, Sarah Stevens (she/they) supports a wide array of campaigning efforts, organizing initiatives, and advocacy projects to address issues of corporate power and economic injustice.