• Tech giants pressed to end employee arbitration contracts

    Dozens of groups, including Public Citizen, are calling for 20 tech giants, from Amazon to Google, to free their workers from forced arbitration contracts where they weave their right to settle employment disputes in open, neutral court. Learn more

  • Major media mostly fails to connect deadly hurricane to climate change

    In their coverage of Hurricane Florence, major media outlets mostly shyed away from linking the devastating storm to climate change, according to a new analysis. Learn more. 

  • Activists to Ford: Dump Trump, protect consumers

    As the Trump administration races to undo the country’s clean car standards at the behest of automakers, activists take to the Scioto River in Ohio to call attention to the dangerous rollback. Learn more about this event.

  • Judge rules Education Depart. unlawfully delayed student protections

    A federal judge agrees with Public Citizen and the Project on Predatory Student Lending that the Department that the Trump administration's delay of the borrower defense rule was unlawful. Read more

  • The financial crisis 10 years later: Trump goes soft on Wall Street

    Although regulators’ failure to police corporate wrongdoing on Wall Street helped trigger the 2008 financial crisis, the Trump administration is scaling back enforcement against Wall Street wrongdoing. Learn more