• Public Citizen sues Trump's Secret Service

    President Donald Trump's Secret Service is unlawfully withholding executive agency visitor logs, Public Citizen said in a lawsuit (PDF) filed Thursday.

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  • Trump’s Department of Justice lets Mylan off the hook

    Mylan ripped off the government big time over its EpiPen misclassification, and the U.S. Department of Justice is letting the company get away with it.

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  • Corporate council shut down; no profiles in courage

    Trump has announced the shutdown of two CEO councils, but his technology council remains in place. The CEOs on that body must resign immediately.

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  • Public Citizen went to court to challenge Trump’s reckless executive order

    Public Citizen v. Trump asks the court to declare unlawful Trump's anti-regulation executive order.

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    Get the details about Public Citizen's court date Thursday.

  • The Real Donald Trump

    So far, the overwhelming bulk of President Donald Trump’s agenda aims to free corporations to engage in reckless activity and mass predation without any restraint. This page houses all the work Public Citizen is doing every step of the way to expose and counteract the real Donald Trump – so please check back often.

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