• Education Dept. Makes Major Fub on Student Loans

    After one of the Department of Education’s student loan servicers erroneously converted more than 10,000 grants to loans, the agency has since converted only about 15 percent. Learn more

  • Trump's rollback of clean fuel standards is a total wreck

    The administration's bend to automaker's demands put the White House on a collusion course with states, and the supermajority of Americans, who want clean car standards. Learn more and fight back.

  • Penalties for corporate crime, wrongdoing plummet under Trump

    The "tough on crime" Trump administration is undertaking an epic retreat from enforcing the law against corporate crime and wrongdoing. Read our new report.  

  • Collins indicted on insider trading

    The indictment of U.S. Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) follows a request by Public Citizen to the OCE and SEC on whether the congressman used his office for personal benefit on the stock market. Read Public Citizen's reaction.

  • Put your Trump Twitter alerts on silent

    Trump has once again taken to Twitter to call for end to the Mueller investigation. While his tweets reek of desperation, any attempt to interfere with the investigation will be met with nationwide protests. Learn more