• Join Public Citizen at our 2018 gala, featuring U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

    We invite you to join our 2018 gala on April 24 to honor Sen. Bernie Sanders with the Golden Boot award in recognition of his advocacy for economic justice, a working democracy, Medicare-for-All, fair trade and the fight against climate change. Get tickets and learn more here.

  • Shame: These Democratic senators just voted for a rollback of Wall Street regulations

    A handful of Democratic U.S. senators voted to roll back financial reforms enacted after the 2008 economic collapse, setting the stage for more bailouts. Read our statement.

  • Pharma off the hook

    Federal criminal penalties for lawbreaking pharma companies have all but disappeared, our new report shows.

    Learn more.

  • Public Citizen calls on Scott Pruitt to reimburse taxpayers for his travel expenses

    Public Citizen and other groups delivered a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt last week demanding he reimburse taxpayers for all first-class, business class or private aircraft travel expenses since he took office in February 2017.

  • We're holding Trump accountable

    President Donald Trump has betrayed the country. We're holding him accountable.

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