• Industry groups masquerade as 'patient organizations' in letter to Congress

    About half the signers of a letter to Congress, who oppose giving the government authority to negociate lower Medicare drug prices, don't represent patients at all, despite claming to be 'patient organizations.' Learn more.  

  • Dinos descend upon Ford in Detroit

    At the Detroit auto show, dinosaurs and activists called out Ford for colluding with the Trump administration to roll back environmental protections. Learn more

  • Stronger data privacy laws, new agency desperately needed

    U.S. data privacy laws are antiquated and must be overhauled and a new data privacy agency should be created to address emerging new concerns for digital customers. Learn more

  • Consumer, worker, health agencies kneecapped by Trump shutdown

    Vital federal agencies are being disrupted by worker furloughs stemming from the government shutdown, a Public Citizen report found. Learn more

  • 100-plus groups support 'For the People Act'

    Public Citizen stands with 124 other national groups calling for passage of a sweeping pro-democracy bill that would end dark money and gerrymandering, and enact automactic voter registration. Learn more