• Public Citizen sues over Trump's emergency declaration

    On behalf of Texas landowners and an environmental organization, Public Citizen has sued President Donald Trump to block his national emergency declaration. Learn more. Read the lawsuit.

  • Interior Department should investigate Bernhardt

    Public Citizen calls on the Interior Department to investigate Acting Secretary Bernhardt for possible ethics violations. Learn more.


  • Dual bills introduced to stop, punish Big Pharma rip-offs

    Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced landmark legislation that would allow the government to negociate Medicare Part D prices, authorize generic competition, among other major policy changes. Learn more

  • Medicare-for-All means shorter waits and higher efficency

    As Medicare-for-all gains popularity with the public and lawmakers, opponents like Big Pharma are already pushing false claims. What's fact and what's fiction? Learn more

  • Media outlets fizzle on connecting climate change to extreme weather

    Major media mostly failed to connect climate change to major hurricanes, record-breaking forest fires and heat, in 2018, according to a new analysis by Public Citizen. Learn more